How do lasers help?

Low level laser therapy (3LT®) has been proven to promote bone repair, wound healing, reduction of inflammation and tendon/ligament repair.

Although each application can seem drastically different, the need for energy and stimulation of basic molecules is the same. Low level laser therapy (3LT®) has been shown to stimulate tissue structures and cells to promote healing.

Targeting these cells can promote the release of important molecules that support increased blood flow, skin cell replication, reduction of scar tissue and tissue repair. This originates from the laser’s influence on the energy production of cells which increases blood flow, cell replication, and tissue repair.

Low level laser therapy has been proven to do what non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) do, but on a local level and is not dependent on the digestive system. Most NSAIDS work by suppressing the mechanism responsible for producing the inflammatory response, but at the same time can slow healing and can have some gastrointestinal side effects.

Suppression of pain and inflammation is important, but just as important is the healing of the injured tissue, and low level laser therapy has been proven to do both. This also has an added benefit of enhancing the effects of NSAIDS in patients where both tools can be used together.

There are endless opportunities to use 3LT to enhance the benefits of traditional medical therapies and can be added in to a balanced therapy plan to augment healing and recovery.